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Pozzallo History

Pozzallo (Sicilian: Puzzaddu) is a town in the province of Ragusa, Sicilia, Italy. It is located at around 3644′0″N 1451′0″E / 36.73333, 14.85Coordinates: 3644′0″N 1451′0″E / 36.73333, 14.85. It is regarded for having very clean seas next to it. The beaches of Pozzallo have received the BLU FLAG by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) award. A prestigious award given to beaches which meet strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. Eight beaches in Scily have received the Blu Flag by Fee, four of them are located in Pozzallo.

It is also a major port which creates the link between Sicily and Malta (about 90 minutes on high speed ferry) for passengers on a catamaran service.


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